Akihiro William Sayama, Kentaro Yasu, Masahiko Inami (2012)

Fabricating ideas into tangible artifacts is an important process for realizing, discussing and collaborating ideas. It is possible to output highly detailed artifacts using the combination of 3D computer graphics software and a 3D printer. This though has the drawback of having and the overly complex process of reaching the goal, as users need to learn how to use computer graphics software and printing machines. The output itself also takes a few hours, commonly delaying the process of discussing the outputted tangible ideas. "Scribbler" is a handheld device that aids the fabrication of tangible artifacts. Practical and sustainable artifacts and rapid prototypes can be constructed by molding a material with heat dependent rigidity.  Much like paper craft and clay modeling, the fabrication process involves the user modeling with their hand.

Scribblerは、温度によって色と硬度が変化するScribbler Tubeとそれを射出するScribbler Gunによって構成されるプロトタイプ制作支援ツールです。Gunに内蔵されたヒータによって加熱され、柔らかくなったTubeは自在に変形させることができ、同じくGunに備わる冷却スプレーで一気に冷やすことで十分な剛性をもつプロトタイプを簡単に作ることができます。


  • 佐山 ウィリアム 明裕, 安 謙太郎, 稲見 昌彦, Scribbler: On-demand fabrication of personal articles in daily life, 第23回 情報処理学会 エンタテインメントコンピューティング研究会 研究発表会, セッション3: 実世界, (6), 2012

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